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Daily words


Read daily verses from God's word yet easier and more beautiful. Of course it's completly free and without Ads (can be acitvated in the settings to support the developer)!You don't need internet to read the daily words for 2015 and 2016.The main functions are:- Daily Alerts- personalized Widgets (font color, backgroound, font size, ...)- Share with one click- Write notes for each day- Mark verses to find them faster- Search for verses and notes
The verses were choosen from the Moravian Church in Germany since 1731. Every day is one vers from the old and one from the new testament.
Daily words have been translated so far into these languages (you can select this at first start)- German- Spanish- France
In case of errors please send me an email (with the embedded Feedback - function), I will resolve this as quickly as possible!